Why I bought Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

All of us working long hours at the computer need adequate computer wrist support – be it in the form of gloves, wrist pads, wrist rests, keyboard wrist support and all the other new ergonomic wrist support products that are available to us today to help avoid painful problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Most of us today, are always performing long tasks at the keyboard and for the most part without a healthy rest of our wrist. I bet you’re also one of us who simply sits in front of that screen typing away – either by working, chatting or playing games for hours at no end. Sadly that can put an unhealthy strain on the wrist that can cause all sorts of serious injuries and related problems. I too had problems in my wrist when working for long hours on computer. To have some relief I bought one of the best carpal tunnel wrist brace of 2018.

How Wrist Braces can help for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In mild to medium serious cases, it is found to be considerably effective if worn night and day for 15 days, also while working. It is highly tolerable, as it does not limit the use of the hand and thumb and is effective, as it limits the repeated bending-extension of the wrist which is mainly responsible in most cases of the CTS. It is also effective in the prevention of the carpal tunnel syndrome and in the treatment and prevention of tendonitis of the wrist. In order to be really effective, it must be worn correctly.

carpal tunnel wrist brace UKPolicarpal is the latest generation product as it acts on the main cause of the problem. In fact, although it allows normal use of the hand (including thumb) and can be easily used during the day or at night, it effectively limits the bending-extension of the wrist (main cause of the problem). It can also be used by pregnant women

Tips to reduce carpal tunnel pain

There are several simple techniques and remedies you can try to help relieve the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Make sure you take regular breaks when you are using a computer keyboard for long periods of time, or if you are playing games that involve a lot of finger movement. Take regular breaks every 15 or 20 minutes and alternate tasks when possible. Breaks are very important if you use equipment that vibrates or if you need to use a lot of force.
  • Regularly do wrist exercises. Hold your arm straight in front of you, palm facing outward and then with your hand, gently pull back your fingertips. Hold for a few seconds and release. Once you are finished, repeat with the other arm.
  • Keeping your hands warm is also valuable tip. Cold and humid environments are more likely to cause pain and stiffness. Try wearing fingerless gloves that will keep your fingers free while keeping your hands and wrists warm.Most people use more force than they really need to in order to perform everyday tasks that involve the use of your hands. Relax your grip and try to reduce the force you use when performing these tasks. Try hitting the keys on a cash register or your keyboard more softly.

Reviews: Imak Computer Glove

The Imak brand is well known for its wrist support products such as arthritis gloves and computer gloves. This particular design shown here is in fact a set of 2 gloves that provide great support for your wrist while typing. If you’re working on a desktop pc, you know how hard the surface (usually table) below it is. And if you’re working on your laptop, the pc glove helps protect your wrist from the laptop heat.

However its best feature is that it provides protection from the dreaded Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is something that all of us who work countless hours at the computer really dread. I love to play computer games for long hours and that can strain the wrist too much. These gloves really help protect it. My hands are no longer number and it’s much easier for me to be around my pc pretty much the whole day (during the day working and in the night playing online RPG games).

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