Juicing For Body Cleansing And Juicing Tips

One of the best way to detoxify our body is by drinking fresh juice. They are great for cleaning our digestive system. Many people also go on juicing diet to lose weight and cure certain illness. It takes the very finest parts of green leafy vegetables and also fresh fruits and introduces essential nutrients and vitamins into your body.

Juicing, involves extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables in order to get the best benefits from the produce. It is an effective way to get nutrients from fruits and vegetables in order to provide our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals. Many of the things we put into our bodies, as well as pollutants in the air, produce toxins. A juice fast can rid the body of these toxins by cleansing it, through the consumption and digestion of nothing but all natural juices from fruits and vegetables.

What things should I know before starting a juice fast?

First off, you will take in nothing but the natural juices from fruits and vegetables during a juice fast. This means that you will not be allowed to consume solids of any kind during the fast. Because of this, you should first prepare to discipline your mind and body before beginning a juice fast of any kind. However, if you can stick with juicing your fruits and vegetables for the allotted time, your weight loss and cleansing results will be amazing! Also make sure you buy the best slow juicers to get most of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.

Secondly, you should only choose fresh (raw) vegetables and fruits for a juice fast. Concentrated juice and vegetable drinks are loaded with sugar and preservatives. These will not only sabotage your weight loss diet, but are also no good for detoxifying your body. Store bought juices such as V8 and V8 Fruit Fusion contain such high levels of sugar that they are not truly actual juice from produce, but rather a blend of juices and flavorings. These types of juices have a tendency to actually increase fat storage and add toxins to your. To detoxify the body and lose weight, natural fruit and vegetable juices are your best option.

How do I begin juicing?

In order to start your juice fast, you will need to purchase a juice extractor. A juice extractor is not a blender or a mixer. Instead, it is an appliance that excretes the natural juices from fruits and vegetables in order to offer essential vitamins and minerals needed for a juice fast. A juice extractor takes only the juice from vegetables and fruit and separates the skins, seeds, and fibrous residues from the juice itself. After juicing is complete, a juice extractor leaves only the natural fluids of the produce. No other appliance will offer this healthy part of fruits and vegetables like a juice extractor does. So do not attempt to use a blender to do your juice fast. You can purchase a juice extractor for around $40 used or $100 brand new, depending on the brand.

What fruits and vegetables can be used?

Any type of fruits or vegetables can be used for juicing although potatoes, eggplants, or Lima beans are not recommended. These types of produce do not hold their nutritional value when juiced and do not taste very good either. When juicing for a juice fast, vegetables are best because they carry the highest nutritional value. The ones that have the greatest nutrition are: cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, beets, zucchini squash, romaine lettuce, celery, sprouts, and cabbages. Most fruits are great for juicing, but you should try to avoid anything acidic such as grapefruits or oranges, especially in the morning. These acidic fruits can cause cramping and even diarrhea as your stomach is most sensitive during the morning hours. Try instead fruits like apples, Acai berries, dark grapes, bananas, cantaloupe, melons and strawberries. You can juice and consume citrus fruits in the afternoon and evening when your stomach is more calm. Note: you can mix different fruits and vegetables for an even greater juice fast detoxification and flavor punch.

How long can I do a juice fast for?

A juice fast should be done for no more than 21 days at a time, but you can do a juice fast as often as you like. It is recommended that you start your juice fast slow, consuming some solid fruits and vegetables for the first few days of the fast. You can then work up to purely juices as your body becomes used to eating less. Many people choose to do a juice fast for about one week to three weeks. However, it is important to note that a juice fast can cause constipation or a change in bowel habits from the lack of fiber. To avoid this, mix psyllium husks into the juice mixture for digestive and intestinal balance. Psyllium husks promote faster excretion of intestinal waste without being absorbed by the body itself. You can also incorporate saltwater or herbal laxatives into your diet as well as being sure to drink plenty of water. The best way to avoid an imbalance in the body is to drink a glass of water for every glass of juice mix you consume during your fast.

How much juice should I drink a day?

There really is no limit on the amount of juice you can consume during your juice fast. A typical juice fast recommends at least 3 – 4 eight ounce glasses of all natural juice a day. But this can often leave some people still feeling hungry. It is important to feel full on a juicing diet so be sure to drink as much as you need to be satisfied. Too much fruit and vegetable juice will not have a negative affect on your body so don’t be afraid to over consume. You can never get enough nutrients in the body and drinking more natural juices actually promotes vitamin and mineral absorption. You will lose the weight and cleanse your body even if you have extra glasses of juice. Remember, you are not eating solids so there is no real fear about added calorie consumption.

Can I add flavor to the juices that don’t taste so great?

You can add honey and/or spices to juices that don’t offer a lot of flavor. The spices actually speed up your metabolism by increasing body temperature and energy. The best way, however, to get the greatest flavor from juicing fruits and vegetables is to drink the juice immediately after extraction. An important note to remember also is that juices can lose their nutritional value if they are left out sitting around or stored in the refrigerator. Because of this, the best way to benefit from juicing is to drink the mix immediately. If you find it almost impossible to drink the juice right away, pour it into a thermos all the way to the top and seal it immediately. Be sure a small amount of juice overflows the thermos when you screw the top on to be sure it is completely sealed and fresh.

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