How to have straight hair with hair straightener

Do you want salon quality hair every day without having to shell out the money to visit a salon regularly? What if you could achieve those same high quality styles that you get at the salon from the comfort of your own home? Believe it or not, this is possible with the Philips Hair Straightener. This is the one of the highest quality flat iron on the market, but it will not break the bank. One of the best things about this flat iron is that it is effective on almost any hair type. It is extremely effective at eliminating frizz and is also effective on thick, coarse hair. Unlike some flat irons, it will not fry fine hair due to the manner in which heat is dissipated in this particular model . In a nutshell, this Straightener will probably leave your hair straighter, smoother, and healthier than most competing at home DIY products.

The best hair straightener In India right now are the ones with blades and ceramic coatings, protective layer that does not stress the hair from root to tip acting effectively. Some ceramic models have a system of active release of ions which favors the hydration of the hair which however, due to the high temperatures of the plate, is undergoing a shock. You should choose a plate from the adjustable temperature range for s hairstyle very smooth to touch up the strands rebels. Depending on the type of hair we opt for a different degree of smoothing. On colored hair, stressed or treated with permanent, you should always adjust the plate at a minimum temperature, about 150 °. The same goes for fine hair, very long and brittle. For wavy hair or very unruly in good health can instead opt for shock treatments at higher temperatures, also on 210 °.

What Else You Need to Know Before Using Hair Straightener.

Ensure that you are only using the heat necessary for your hair type. Although this product is great for any type of hair, you should be sure that if you have fine hair you are not using the full heat that is available. This flat iron allows you to adjust the heat so that you are only using what is necessary.  Be sure that you are using this flat iron with a heat styling spray or gel. This will provide extra protection for your hair, ensuring that it remains healthy while using heated styling tools on it.
Because this product is able to generate so much heat, be sure that you are very careful and do not touch the heated plates and burn yourself on them.  Be sure that you do not leave this product plugged in after use. When you have finished using it, it is important that you turn it off and unplug it, allowing it to cool down. This is important for safety reasons, and also prolongs the life of the flat iron.

When making the decision to invest in a Hair Straightener, it is important that you choose the best one for both your budget and your hair styling needs. The best way to make sure that this happens is to do your research, comparing brands and models so that you can ensure that you make the right decision.

Ricci undefined, stringy and frizzy hair are the sorrow of every woman. The dream of all is to have them smooth, soft, silky and shiny as just out of the hair salon, without the use of aggressive, harmful to the skin and the hair itself, without the too-frequent use of the plate that would ultimately burn tips. To treat them in the right way and get your point across, you should follow some precautions that depart from washing to styling . So forget long and expensive treatments and straightening concoctions with natural egg yolks, through this guide, we’ll discover together how to have straight hair.

To obtain hair smooth and soft as silk is important to choose the right products that nourish the hair , the detergent carefully, but without attacking the root and the skin . Whether they are professional cleaners, purchased in health food or supermarket, be careful that they do not contain sulfates or alcohol, those responsible for frizz and dry. Surely, they are not easy to find, and require a careful reading of the ingredients that make them up, but once identified it is worth it.

In the market there are different shampoos, conditioners and masks for linseed, which are well-known smoothing properties. However, in some cases, these remedies may be able to give a good effect heavy, tending to fat. The solution would be to apply a small amount of product, diluted with warm water and massaging of the scalp. Also, it is good to apply the wraps from the half-length to the ends, avoiding to affect the root.

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