All in an afternoon’s work – The poop story

This afternoon, conveniently minutes before my sitter was scheduled to arrive, all three children pooped. Yes, at the same time. And they all needed my help. (And yes, I am telling the Internet about it. I have been reduced to poop stories. Clearly, I need to get out more.)

What to do? Where to go first? Was leaving an option? Or could I ignore them all and check my email until the sitter arrived, claiming ignorance?

Jack was all the way down in the basement, and that bathroom had no special wipes. You know, the flushable wipes that every family should have on hand always and forever because ohmygod, they make the cleanup of small children quite easy. But the stash of special wipes is on the second floor. The dilemma!

Emmie was on the first floor, stinking up the living room after I had just put her on the potty not once, but twice, and tried to bribe her into pooping on the potty. She’s all talk and no action when it comes to that. Two weeks ago, she did it for the first time and there was great joy in Snarkyville. We gave her two M&Ms, clapped, called the whole family and told her that once she started going in the potty all the time, she could have Dora underpants. And she had a huge smile on her face and was very excited and then, nothing. She won’t replicate it. Killin’ me, that one.

Then we had Maeve, the explosive pooper, who I was carrying around in my arms, dirty diaper and all. She was the one who needed the quickest attention, yet was the happiest about the whole affair, blowing raspberries and grabbing my hair and trying to shove it in her mouth. Clearly, the state of her butt was not anything that needed immediate attention, so I was able to make my Sophie’s Choice of diapers. In another post, I will be writing all about diapers, whether to choose cloth diaper or disposable one and their pros and cons. But if you have more than 1 toddlers and infant, there will be lot of dirty diapers per day and you will certainly need a nappy bin. I have bought one of the best nappy disposal bin from UK last year and it is still working.

One of the most popular diaper disposal systems is the baby trend diaper champ. It is easy to use since it has a single hand function and you wont have any problems in keeping the diaper odors under control. It has a rotating handle to help you open and close the diaper pail easily hence keeping the odors and bacteria safely inside all the time. No wonder it is so popular.

The diaper dekor plus on the other hand has an easy to use foot pedal system that leaves your hands free to deal with any other diapers that might be keeping your hands full. It also has liner bags that are formed by antimicrobial plastic film that eliminate the nasty odors.